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My first book written when the memories were fresh in my mind 1992, but published in 2008 after lying in our attic for almost 20 years...

Title "Chasing Dreams in Lefkas"


Inspireing and true adventure, about a middle aged couple who opted out of the recession in the UK in 1991, and turned a negative situation into a possitive one.

Tony was made redundant from a managerial position at the age of 50, and was sinking into a depression. Diane heard that a little boy who they had met on holiday with his parents had spoken for the first time after Diane sent them a video of their holiday. So the idea was born...

They sold their new Mercedes car and bought an 18 year-old VW camper, packed it with video equipment and headed from their home in Cheshire, England to the Greek island of Lefkas, where they had spent a holiday the previous year. Then, they had flown there in four hours, this time it took four days. - There they made videos of the island adding personal moments for people, using a generator in the swealtering heat, and caused a sensation when they showed the videos from a portable TV facing a cobbled street in the sleepy little fishing village of Agos Nikitas.

Follow them and enjoy the many varied experiences, some good, some exasperating, some humorous, but all of them extremely memorable!

If  Diane had not written this book she would have always looked back and wondered why she hadn't. Did they find the meaning of true happiness, or were they merely chasing dreams? 

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gdata.youtube.com  ACTUAL VIDEO taken 1992 showing people and places mentioned in the book.

http://youtu.be/Zya6jWPJo5w CHASING DREAMS IN LEFKAS

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 This is 'a taste' of the above book, for anyone who might like to read a short story taken from the book. (Kindle only)




title "It Mattered Yesterday"


Sensual Romantic & Erotic Fiction at it's finest. From heartache to happiness and passion . . . Set in and around Liverpool from the 60's - 80's with all the memorabilia of the time. Music, fashion, events and so on...

Based on true story.FOR 'GIRLS' of ALL AGES!

Stella is blessed with great beauty but it brings her more unhappiness than she could ever believe possible.

This is a compelling story of deep emotions and tangled relationships. In some parts it is sensual and steamy, but there's also tender affection and true friendship running through the whole theme.

Women all ages will be able to relate to Stella, who is the main character, and live and breath all her emotions. They will also feel for her son Jon who is portrayed from a baby, through his childhood and adolescence to young adulthood.

It is about people and feelings, and not giving up hope. If you have a will to go on, you can overcome the darkest hour. The past doesn't matter anymore, it only mattered yesterday. Does Stella make the right decisions? 

From Heartache to Happiness and passion. . .

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 ‘The Little Christmas Angel’

Continuation of ‘It Mattered Yesterday’





 Title "Granny's Magic Garden"


Book for Girls & Boys 4-8 years, with a little lesson in good behaviour in every chapter, taught with laughter by the characters like the silly fairy, Dirty Gertie.

Children can enjoy the stories Granny tells George, Freddie, Harvey and Saffie about the enchanting, magical things that go on in her garden during the night. Sometimes amazing things happen during the day too, so that the children become part of these stories. . .



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Dirty Gertie, who earns her wings by not being rude to the Fairy Queen, and by being kind to a lonely little fairy.

 Mr. Ponkey, King of the Pixies lives with the pixies in the magic 'Wogilemma' Tree.

A big Goblin who lives under a stone and shouts at the water sprites who live in the pond when they are too noisy! The little water sprites are very frightened, but one little sprite is brave enough to say, "Sorry!"

The naughty Elf pulls a silly face at the Fairy Queen, so she teaches him a lesson. . .Read what happens in this enchanting book.





A Moment to Remember, To Forgive Divine

 Is forgiveness the answer?

Now softback at £10.00.... Also on Kindle

Can there be a happily ever after for two young lovers who face a lifetime of separations? From two happy children to two troubled young adults, Alison and Rob must learn to forgive and forget.

In the stirring novel A Moment to Remember: To Forgive,Divine, Alison and Rob are childhood playmates in a small village in North Wales. Although Alison moves away with her parents, a sad turn of events takes Alison back home, where the couple’s feelings are changing into young love. She moves away again with her parents to Liverpool. Rob surprises Alison at her 18th birthday party, and they soon get married. Alison’s happiness is turned upside down when Rob leaves her for another woman. Can Alison forgive Rob when he tells he, "I got involved!"

Sometime later when Alison hears from Rob, she is relieved but still angry, until she remembers her grandfather’s advice: “To err is human, To Forgive Divine.” Will his long-ago words give her the strength to meet with her husband?

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There are so many feral cats that need to be fed and neutered and ill-treated, and abandoned dogs here in Cyprus. Some need treatment, most need forever homes, but ALL need love and good food!

My proceeds are small so it's only a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts!

I want to thank everyone who helps me to help them.MY LATEST BOOK : 'NOBODY'S PETS' IN CYPRUS

For animal lovers & chldren PLEASE Watch my video "Nobody's Pets In Cyprus"

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Amazon Kindle :-) (Amazon Kindle) Stories about all the dogs & cats I have rescued over the last 5 years. Proceeds help more like in the stories.Thanks to everyone who downloads x 

I would greatly appreciate a few kind words as reviews of my books, if you liked them. If you didn't just tell me! :-(

Please excuse any typos you find in my books. I write and edit myself as it saves money for me to help the animals. It's a desperate situation here, especially when the hunting season is over... I find half starved, terrified dogs hardly able to walk. They hide in the scrub at the back of my house, after being dumped on the hills of the Akamas. Some make it t some half built houses for shelter. This is where I try to make them comfortable and take food and water to them until they trust me. Then the healing process can begin... I gain their trust with kindness and nice food!

Hobo was a skeleton, couldn't even stand up for a week.


He fond a home across the island after me caring for him and teaching him how to play and to accept love. It took 6 months, but it was worth it! He became a faithful, affectionate dog.

So please enjoy my books and know that every one of them is helping a dog like Fido, Ella, Hobo, Brownie, Hollie and more! . . .There are so many more !Also, cats like, Tich, Smudge, Big Bob, Kenny (used to be Kitty) and Blue... & more!

Thank you for reading, Diane :-)


 I want to thank everyone who downloads ANY of my books :-) x 

THREE NEW BOOKS FOR 3-6 year-olds!


‘JONNIE RUBBER BUM’ Amazon Kindle for 3-6 year-olds ad, Read, Learn & Laugh! (You can do anything if you really want to!)



‘The Boy Who Made the Sad King Laugh’ Amazon Kindle for 3-6 year-olds Read, Learn & Laugh! (You don't need to be rich or clever to make someone happy, you just need to try your best!)



‘FREDDIE FRANAKAPAN HELPS FATHER CHRISTMAS’ Read, Learn & Laugh! (If you help someone, you always get rewarded!)